Video Testimonials


Orthopedic Surgeon Referred Ms. Eve To Our Office:

Life before Life Source? I hate to think about it. Lots of pain and sickness for our family that is what I remember. I was having sciatic nerve problems and I was very nervous about seeing a chiropractor. When we went for my first visit (I made my husband go with me) Dr. Chad told me he could help me and something else he said was we should really get our kids checked out as well. I thought he was NUTS! Who takes their kids to a chiropractor? Boy am I glad we decided to give it a chance! My children were always in and out of the doctor’s office with something all the time, even as often as 2-3 times a month. Now they rarely ever go. They do get sick but it is few and far between and very short lived. Same goes for me and my husband too. Everyone at Life Source to me is like family. I love them all! Raising chiropractic kids is such a blessing. My hopes are for my children to be able to continue to be chiropractic adults as well. There is not enough thank you’s in the world to let them know how they touch peoples lives and what they mean to us. It has now been 9 years and I couldn’t imagine ever going back to the ways things were. THANK YOU ALL! WE LOVE YA!

I started treatment at Life Source about three years ago. I was diagnosed prior to that with bulging discs in my neck. After numerous doctor visits and being put on a combination of multiple prescriptions, I am so thankful I started coming here. I do have flare ups from time to time, but after a few adjustments I do great! I no longer have to take any prescription medications for the problem. I only wish I would have started my journey here before the birth of my first daughter. During my second pregnancy with twins I was adjusted on a regular basis. I believe this led me to a much easier birth of twins, than with my first single pregnancy. All three of my children come here and now and are adjusted on a regular basis as well. If any of them are sick now (ex: cold, ear aches, teething, etc) we bring them here right away! I believe it speeds up their healing. I brought my twins in when they were just a few days old. As I said before, I wish we would have started sooner when my oldest was just a few days old. I am convinced we would not have had as many sleepless nights. Thanks to all the staff and Dr. Chad for being such wonderful people and caretakers!

~Mindy Dawson

Years of Thyroid Problems & Medication Until Life Source

At my annual check up my doctor noticed something that concerned her with my spine. I went for x-rays and was referred immediately to Vanderbilt Children’s Orthopedics, where the doctor my mom and I met with took more x-rays. He showed us the curve in my spine and diagnosed scoliosis. It was a scary word I didn’t really understand. He wanted to fit me for a brace to be worn for 16 hours per day immediately. I was afraid about the brace. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to play basketball or golf or dance or cheer or run track! My mom felt that we needed to discuss and get some other opinions. We talked to several people who had been treated for scoliosis, one with a brace, two with surgery, they all recommended the same thing…find an alternative treatment! We also talked to our friend Becky, whose daughter Carrie Beth also has scoliosis and was treated by Dr. Chad at Life Source. My mom talked to Dr. Chad and we went to see him immediately. I have been treated for over a year now by Dr. Chad. My health in general is much better and my discomfort due to my scoliosis is a lot less. The curve in my spine has not progressed, which was and is our goal. I also have become very in tune with what my body is telling me. I love them for taking care of me and I look forward to my visits!

~ Annie Garrett, 13, daughter of Beth Garrett

A few years ago I had an unusual breakout and it wouldn’t go away. I went to the doctor who couldn’t figure out what it was, and I even went to a dermatologist who said he knew what it was and gave me a prescription that was supposed to help, it didn’t. It just would not go away. About a week later I went to see Dr. Chad and for an adjustment at Life Source. I showed him my rash and he thought it was probably an allergic reaction. So he told me to come in for a few adjustments that week to see if it would clear up. Guess what, it was gone by the 3rd adjustment! Every time I get sick I go to Life Source, and after a few days and a couple adjustments, I feel better. It has made a great impact on my life. This testimonial proves a major scientific fact. That the power of doctors and medicine is limited, and it cannot compare to the healing power of the human body. I have been a part of Life Source for 8 year and I don’t know what I would do with out it!

Alex Lennon, 20

My daughter had allergy type symptoms from a very early age – runny nose, breathing issues and coughing. She had never actually been diagnosed with any specific problem, the doctor just told us she had “the crud” and she would get over it with meds. She never would get 100% better so she was given Benadryl almost daily to try to dry up her runny nose and coughing. She always had a low grade fever and had Tylenol most days. She also battles extreme Eczema and uses prescription medication when she has a break out. She also had horrible digestion problems.

Since beginning her treatment with Dr. Chad, she has not had to take any medication for allergies or digestion issues. Also, she has only had two Eczema breakouts break outs instead of one to two a week.

Everything Dr. Chad said would happen, has. Her body has learned to fight on its own and she says Dr. Chad makes her neck feel much better!

Thank you Dr. Chad, I was a non-believer turned believer!